My position on the Senate ballot paper (the really big one).

Far right hand side of the paper in the Ungrouped column, second from the top.

Vote 1 Max Dicks

I'm Max Dicks and I want to be a voice for Victoria in the Senate

Why I've nominated

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I want to create a government that Australia can be proud of with accountable politicians and public servants that are well supported and efficient

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I want our government to listen to the average Australian and care about what we have to say more than once every 3 years

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I want a planet that we can be proud to show to our great grandchildren and I want them to be able to enjoy our natural wonders just like we can today

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I want to help raise children that have the ability to fully express themselves and encourage all Australians to become more engaged in society and our position globally

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For those in the country a place that still calls to me

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