I want an average Australian citizen to be able to have more influence over government between elections, but not so much influence that average person ends up doing the jobs that politicians are paid to do.

I hope to achieve this by creating a portal, potentially through a service like mygov (which can be improved) where Australians are able to propose new legislation to help the country to be governed the way its people want it to be.

No one likes to pay tax, but if I had a direct say about where it went I'd certainly feel better about it. Under these changes Australian Citizens will have the ability to allocate 10% of their own income tax to the areas that are important to them. For example areas like science, education, healthcare, foreign aid, welfare etc.

Using a government portal you will be able to select where you would like your income tax spent and the government will be bound to spend it in the department or area of your choice.

The change won’t happen immediately, there will be a waiting period followed by a further confirmation to make sure you are certain that is where you want your money spent, however it will be backdated from when you first made the selection.

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