I would like our education system to teach emotional intelligence to children to help them to be able to understand and vocalise their feelings and be more empathic as well as growing their communication skills.

Unfortunately, it's an all too common occurrence for politicians to get involved with education and I apologise in advance to those whose life I'll make harder. However I will leave the development and implementation of how to integrate this into the existing systems up to the experts, professional educators and psychologists and I will do my absolute best to ensure that it is well funded and not just something thrown on to the end of the curriculum and on to the shoulders of teachers with an already heavy workload.

I would like to develop programs that offer young people the opportunity to experience different communities and help out in them, both inside Australia and abroad.

Living in the city is vastly different to the country and living in a different country is completely different again. Providing young people with the opportunity to assist in smaller rural areas and overseas will build stronger ties and understanding between rural and metropolitan areas while enhancing our relationship with our closest international neighbours.

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