I would like to greatly reduce Australia’s plastic waste and waste in-general and I plan to do this with a national approach, by using reusable and/or fully compostable packaging for supermarket products and to be eventually expanded out to all consumable packaging.

I would offer a grant to encourage manufacturers to develop reusable containers that can be uniform across their sector with a levy to encourage the stragglers to comply. The initial cost of buying products might go up but you would get cash back every time you returned a container provided it's in usable condition. This would need to be done in association with transport and logistics companies as well, hence why uniformity will be important.

The levy will vary for manufacturers dependent on waste impact of their packaging, this will encourage them to either introduce fully compostable packaging eg boxes from rice hulls or to produce reusable packaging.

Climate change is real and humans are a massive contributor. We need to act now to save our planet and our reef.

I am not a climate scientist and it would be an insult to their years of dedication to pretend that I am. I will defer to the experts and I would implement their recommendations even if it has an effect on industry. However, we as a country need to be willing support our businesses through this transition.

The demand for green energy is growing and there is untapped potential for job creation in this sector and generally in the development of environmentally friendly products, with a innovative and well educated population Australia is well positioned to become a world leader in this field.

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