I drive back to Warrnambool from Melbourne regularly and the roads are terrible, some roads have improved but there is still a lot of work to be done, unfortunately most roads are funded by the state government but I'll do my best to ensure the national roads get the funding they need.

This funding won't filter down to organisations like VicRoads without specific guidelines, I plan to link it with increased travel efficiency for all Victorians to ensure they make improvements to roads. This will make sure everyone can get to where they want to go quickly and all Victorians stop paying so much of a Time Tax based on where they can afford to live.

Having worked in the dairy sector I am aware of how tough farmers are finding things. I will work with the government to ensure our primary industries are strong and viable.

I will seek a funding boost to the Tax Department to enable them to ensure importers of produce are compliant with our tax laws and paying their tax as required. It’s essential that we aren’t in an unfair market due to avoidance of taxes and levies.

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