I have always been a people person and I like people from all walks of life and cultures. Everyone has a story to tell, a passion or an interest. Because of this, I have made myself lots of friends and plan to make more still, but one person can only do so much to look out for those they care about.

I believe that I can use my interpersonal and problem solving skills to make the country I live in and care about, better for my friends and family and the friends and family that I am yet to make.

I am not a career politician and I don't intend to be one, I'm a Locksmith and have been for the last 6 years. I enjoy my job and I work for a wonderful family owned business (not my family, though they treat me like theirs).

During this time I’ve had an ongoing interest in politics and have been following the turmoil in Canberra, often thinking I could make a difference and do more for my country. I looked at the political parties and realised that I would struggle to vote for something I didn't believe in and I'd find it almost impossible if I voted one way simply because my party told me to do so.

So that brings me here, doing my best to do something for Australia, using my funny last name to promote myself because I have to have something to stand out amongst the crowd.

Hopefully, with your help I'll be able to make Australia a better place for all Australians.

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